My friend introduced me to the Glamorous Wash. Oh, it’s wonderful! I love the Limelight candle. I couldn’t find Limelight Glamorous Wash in any gift shops. I ordered it from Tyler Candle. I also love Diva. I’m fixing to order me some dryer satchets. I have bought Tyler Candles for years. I love the car scents too. Actually, I haven’t bought anything from Tyler that I don’t like.
I recently posted a negative review and I completely take it back. I got a call and email immediately. It was a slight oversight which I completely understand. They were genuinely kind and offered to make it right above and beyond. I actually told them it was too kind and declined the extra but they insisted.
I have never seen such genuinely sincere caring from a company and I am so thrilled because not only are their products THE BEST, now I see their company and customer service is as well. I was completely blown away and will be a customer for life!
I love their candles and if you haven’t tried their laundry products..... do, you will be obsessed! There is nothing like it. Makes your linens and clothing smell heavenly. Cannot tell you how many compliments I get from house guest.
I love Tyler Candles and I love the fact this entire site is "Secure". I feel extremely safe shopping here.
Easy site to navigate, I love Tyler Candles!
Excellent customer service and a better experience than Amazon.
I ordered online and it was delivered to me in 4 days. That is great service
The customer service representative I spoke to was very nice and easy to purchase from
Excellent product!
Thank you for such wonderful products and fabulous customer service.
Everyone needs to try the laundry detergent. IRS very expensive but it only takes a very very small amount like two small caps full. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
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