This is the only place I purchase my Candles and Glamorous Wash. The customer service is exceptional, and the staff is just wonderful; ask for Edye she is Awesome. They are truly knowledgeable about all the products they carry and taught me a few things about using candles. I usually receive my orders faster than expected, which is always a bonus.
I got the Diva wash, spray and candles. Delivery was fast. Been buying these for years. Best all around
Based on all the reviews, comments, I cant wait to try the soap,candles and tarts . My only complaint is I noticed you have to buy the tarts in packages of four and they are all the same scent, can you buy them in single packages

I recently ordered a 64oz bottle of High Maintenance - decided to switch up a bit as had always ordered Diva (and have loved it) but wanted to branch out a bit! I was disappointed as the High Maintenance just did not have the lasting aroma I was used to with Diva. In fact, it hardly had any scent at all. Not sure if I just received an inferior product; however, I contacted the company.....explained my issue and without any hesitation they apologized for my disappointment and immediately offered to send me another bottle of my choice - provided the return label for the one I was returning....and within approx. 1 week I had a new bottle of my long time favorite Diva. I am still going to try some of the other scents in the future as I am sure I will love others as much as Diva. I can't say enough about the excellent customer service.....in this day and age, it was so refreshing to find that there truly are people out there who sincerely care about the satisfaction of their customers. I will continue to order products from the Tyler Candle Co. and will also continue to recommend to all who ask me about the wonderful scent! Thank you for your understanding, rapid response and caring about your customers.
Sincerely, Cindy
These guys are the best and the Fragrances are like none I have ever dealt with. The Diva is the best and Kathina really smells nice as well. I have only used for about 6 months and I have to wash extra loads so my clothes are washed with the BEST smells. The customer service here is Exceptional and way above and beyond. Thanks so much!!!!!!
After reading some of the reviews-- I decided to write one on customer service. I read some good ones but I FEEL I had a not so good one. I love the scents they are great!!
i made an order late Friday pm and Saturday, tried one of my samples i had ordered and decided I love the Diva, so I WROTE customer Service as instructed on Saturday and asked if I could switch one of my 2 scents I ordered. Then Monday a.m. called SEVERAL times ---went to VM and I left a message ---finally after 5 tries calling since no one returned my call-- someone answered at 11:00, AND of course could not change my order. I wrote a message AND Called numerous times, because it says JUST Contact us and we will try to help, even if I could cancel my order and reorder. Well to my dismay I may not order any of the detergents again. I think this day and age Customer Service is a little more important than just a simple NO without any effort!! Thank you.

And again the SCENTS are Great.
I love the Diva and High Maintenance! Everything smells so nice and stays that way. I used a blanket that I washed in Diva over a month ago. It smelled like it just came out of the dryer.

Do you have a description of the scents? I would like to see a vivid description of all the scents so I can decide what to try next and next.
I have bought your candle melts for about a year. I love the diva melts. I am going to try the the dryer sheets.I have never found any other candle melts as great as Tyler. Thanks for selling such a great product.
I received a Diva candle as a gift and searched for the company that made it because the scent definitely fills a room Fast! I have used Voluspa but this candle was much more intense, out shining any other candle I've ever used. I'm not necessarily in love with the floral scent of Diva But I knew that they probably had other scents that I would enjoy more. I'm ordering samples and am curious about the hand wash so ordering that too based on Scent descriptions. Seems like a good value for scented candles because I want to only have to burn one, not multiples, for the aroma.
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