Candle & Fragrance Warmers

Many years ago I was shopping for greeting cards at a Hallmark store and passed this candle display of Tyler Candles and others that were in packaging or jars and I noticed the Tyler candles were more fragrant even in the little box they came in (votives) so, I looked at the price thinking these must be expensive. When I saw how reasonable they were I bought several. When I got home I Googled the company and now I have auto shipments of these great smelling, long lasting candles and I can call and change the fragrance or type whenever I want something a little different.
Obviously I love this company and their product!!
I’m looking for an electric candle warmer. I have had one for a long time but can’t seem to find one now. I love to use Tyler candles.
I've been a Tyler product user for 2 years now. My oldest son is allergic to most all laundry detergent and a dear friend of mine washed his clothes one day at her house using the "Diva". My son did not have any breakouts from the Glamorous Wash "Diva" and I've used it in his wash ever since. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Tyler! I'm venturing to the "Fleur de Lis" on my next order for MY towels...I love this fragrance too!
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