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Tyler Glamorous Wash - 64oz

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Tyler Glamorous Wash 64oz.(1/2 Gallon)

If you love Tyler Candle Co. fragrances, the Tyler Glamorous Wash will let you enjoy your favorite scents throughout the day and night. The Tyler detergent has been formulated to clean effectively yet remain gentle on delicate, specialty fabrics. Use the Glamorous Wash to clean your linens, lingerie, fine fabrics, and much more for the long lasting, soothing aroma of Tyler fragrances.

The wash can be used for both machine washing and hand washing. Tyler Glamorous Wash is HE washing machine compatible.

Size: 64oz. 1/2 gallon

Tyler Candle Company
64 oz. / 1/2 Gallon
I vow to never run out of Glam wash. My new fav product. Worth every penny!
I bought the smaller size of Diva based on a YouTube review from Theycallme_Mo and I was not disappointed. This is the best smelling laundry wash I have ever used!!! I will forever purchase this item. Whenever I smell it, it lifts my spirit. Even my picky husband fell in love with this laundry detergent. So much so he doesn’t complain when I buy it even at the price point. Though, it is a great deal considering the quality in my opinion.Just a suggestion, a pump would be a great dispenser instead of the current pour opening. I plan on ordering more scents to see if I like them as well. Lifelong customer here...
I love this new size it is much nicer on the wrists. The gallon weight too much for me to handle and this size fits better in my cabinet. I use DIVA......LOVE IT!
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Tyler Glamorous Sachet/Dryer Sheets ATTENTION: DIVA IS OUT-OF-STOCK The Tyler Glamorous Sachets are the perfect addition to your Tyler...

Since luxury fabrics vary, it is important to follow garment manufacturer's instructions.  

MACHINE WASHING:  Before each use please shake gently. Use 3 oz. (1/3 cup) per load is recommend.

HAND WASHING: Before each use please shake gently. Use 2 TSP. for each sink full.

In Case of eye contact, Flush thoroughly with water.  If swallowed drink a full glass of water and contact a physician.

  • Phosphate Free
  • Not Tested on Animals