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Tyler Candle Mixer Melts

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Mixer Melts

Minimum quantity for "Tyler Candle Mixer Melts" is 4.

Tyler Wax Mixer Melts - Set of 4

These small melting blocks or tarts come in all your favorite Tyler scents. Simply add them to your Mixer Melter, Radiant Fragrance Warmer, or Scentsy Warmer.

The Mixer Melter will heat the Mixer Melts for 30-60 minutes until the wax has completely melted allowing your favorite scent to last for hours. Many customers also enjoy creating their own fragrance by combining a few of their favorite Tyler scents. 

Tyler Candle Company
The French Market scent lasts for many weeks, so it's been a great value.
The limelight fragrance smells sooo good
I got the Entitled melts for Mothers Day. I love them. Will get more.
Love your wax melts . Would like to know where to buy . I live in 70339 area code .
These are so good... Makes my home smell wonderful...
Been trying to find these love the strong aroma. So glad I saved an old pkg.French Market
Kathina makes my Victorian house smell like a Victorian house should smell- I absolutely love this fragrance.
Just only two bars in my scentsy warmer and my whole house smells amazing!!
This is the same smell that Claire Burke uses for their oil - also called "Original". I have purchased Claire Burke Original oil for almost 20 years now and was surprised to see this company had the exact same fragrance as their original signature smell. The Claire Burke oil cost about $16.00 a bottle. These candle melts are good - they have a strong original smell and are quality.
I use a scentsy in my office, and the tarts seem to always lose fragrance after a day or two, and just smell like hot wax - I have tried multiple brands. I picked up an English Ivy mixer melt from a local boutique and thought I'd give it a shot - I've gotten compliments all day on how nice my office smells. (I work in a cardboard factory, so it always smells like a box...)
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