Tyler Candles

I’ve been looking everywhere for the wax melts that I bought in Louisiana on vacation two years ago. Scent is Fleur De Lis. I can’t wait to try more scents.
I love the scents of these candles - beach blonde is my fav - only downside is that the candles contain paraffin wax -
I recd gift of High Maintenance Dryer sheets and detergent. Love the scent. Does tyler offer samples of their scents? I ordered set of 4 votives in hopes of trying one of each scent. I didn't find a way to do that. Can you? I'm also interested in oils and soaps?
Do you still sell the Girly Girl scent? Totally love that one.
This company is amazing and has such wonderful customer service. I am so in love with their products! My whole house smells fantastic.
What happened to Cuddle scent? Did you change the name? Really like this one.
I was at a community event and bid on a Tyler Candle basket. I WON. Took the candles home and now my whole house smells wonderful. Tyler Candles is an excellent product and when I run out of what I have I will be sure to purchase more.
Love the vanilla & oak....wonderful fragrance that permeates the house almost as soon as lit...i will buy these over bath & body works & Yankee candle co.
Someone gave me a Tyler Candle and it was the best candle I ever had. It makes my house smell so good even 2 days after I burned it. You win't be disappointed.
I bought 2 Tyler candles yesterday at a small store named A Girl's Treasure in Comer Georgia. I fell in love with these candles. They are long burning and beautifully fragranced. I will going to get a 3rd one today if I can get there before they close.
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