I’m a travel surgical tech nurse and I found your wonderful detergent in the exotic store I love it my clothes are clean my whites are white the smell is so refreshing and white it’s not heavy I love your product it makes me feel cozy and comfy I wish everybody would sell it and now I just ordered Your dryer sachets I’m going to be in heaven I love love your product it’s better than tide
I ordered the Fragrance Fuel in "High Maintenance" and "French Market" for use in my Lampe Berger (TM) catalytic burner and these are the best fragrances I have ever used. They make my entire home smell heavenly. I LOVE both scents and will be ordering candles and other items in the future. So glad I found Tyler Candle Store!!!
Great service my items arrived sooner than expected! I love knowing that I'm getting a fresh product that hasn't been sitting on a shelf going rancid. Because it's a luxury item I decided to buy directly from the source and I am so happy with this amazing detergent! Stay Away From Amazon...
My husband thinks he is a stud now because the women at his work always compliment him on his amazing smelling laundry. #Divaforlife
For anyone who may potentially read this review and wonder WHY this companies exceptional DIVA laundry detergent is so important to someone who only uses essential oils or natural products and I’m definitely someone who cannot stand the faux perfume smell you smell from other product/companies like bath and body works or any big department store counter perfumes in general - I have had total strangers at the store come up to me In the last two weeks and ask me what perfume or lotion I’m wearing- Nope my laundry detergent (DIVA)!!! I absolutely LOVE Tyler Candle Stores products- I’m going to admit I too have turned into a Tyler Candle Store devotee! I first purchased the 16oz Diva laundry detergent and after using for a week the bottle is still full as a little goes a long way-only a cap full used with free and clear (non scented laundry detergent) will leave your clothing and bedding smelling wonderfully intoxicating for weeks- I justreceived my order for the 32oz of Diva and also purchased the ‘High Maintenance ‘ will post another review after trying it out! Thank you for changing the way I feel when I walk out of my house smelling incredible all day!
I place my order and within a few days, it has arrived. I order every few months and they are always consistent. Couldn't ask for more!
My husband has a pillow that he sleeps with every night. And has his entire life, he is 36! To say it disgusts me is an understatement. Today for the first time I used Diva Glamorous Wash on it, figuring it can’t hurt because it smells so bad. It is AMAZING! It smells wonderful and the nasty pillow is like new! I am amazed and your quality in the product is great! Thank you so much!!!
I absolutely love Tyler Candle Company. Ive been burning these candles since I was introduced to them through a Elementary School fundraiser. I love them because their candles are wonderful from the beginning to the end but for another reason they are a philanthropic company. I reached out in the past for a great cause that I was working on and without hesitation they helped out. Kudos to this great company for caring so much!
Love the Diva scent(Glamorous Wash), but wondering if this stuff can be made in pods instead of liquid. Would be very convenient.
After buying the smallest bottle of detergent to try, I am now sold on this product! My husband even noticed the fresh smell of the linens and now insists that this product become a staple purchase for our home! There is nothing quite like grabbing a fresh, clean smelling towel after a shower or pulling back the covers on the bed and smelling that wonderful, fresh, inviting aroma! Now, I need to try the candles!!! Thank you to the ladies at Kopper Kettle in Durant, OK for suggesting I try this product!
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