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Sheer Rain

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Sheer Rain

Sheer Rain - Limited Supply will be Discontinued

Sheer Rain is an amazingly clean scent! Sure to overpower any unwanted odor.

Perfect for Spring Cleaning! Add a few of the Mixer Melts Set of 4 to your Mixer Melter to give your house a fresh clean scent.

Candle Color: Deep Sage

Fragrance Collection:
Crisp & Clean
Tyler Candle Company
Product Origin:
Made in the USA
I love this fragrance, everyone always comments on it when I have a candle lit, do please bring it back......
LOVE this scent!!! Please bring it back!!!
Why does the most amazing things in life always becomes discontinued? Bath and body works use to have "shore breeze" scent that was incredible. Its gone.
Now this!!!! Please bring sheer rain back. My heart yearns for the scent. And it grieves becauae it's gone. :::::(
Do you have plans on bringing Sheer Rain back? It's hands down my favorite candle.... =(
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this scent! I have used it for years. This & Goldleaves are my absolute favorites! I would love to have these in the little bottles of lamp oil! Please don't discontinue either one & make lamp oil please!!!
This is absolutely my favorite fragrance anywhere, please don't discontinue. I would also love it if you made a room spray in this scent.
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