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Prestige / Cathedral


Prestige  (Previously Cathedral)

Rich bergamot & incense begin this exquisite fragrance!  Valencia oranges clove & ground cinnamon combine with Texas Cedarwood to Complete!

Tyler's Mixer Melters are the perfect way for you to enjoy the Prestige fragrance.  A great alternative to burning candles, the Mixer Melter will completely melt the Prestige Mixer Melts and the elite fragrance will last for hours.


Tyler Candle Company
This fragrance reminds me of burning incense in Cathedrals for high mass celebrations.
Please consider bringing it back in 2 wick candle jars. I liked the original name Cathedral.
A home IS also a sacred place because it shelter's humans and brings family and friends together to celibrate life and comfort in times sadness.
Burning this fragrance in my home was like a purification and blessing.
Please make more products in Prestige...It is fabulous.
Used to buy this years ago when called Cathedral, so glad to find it again, it's my most favorite! Agree, prefer the old name.
Love this scent, but I wish you would change it back to the old name.
Prestige (Cathedral), for me, is the perfect Christmas scent. It is the smell of incense in church on Christmas Eve.
I am so glad they brought back this fragrance!!!!!
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