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Tyler Candles Original fragrance is an old world scent of roses, vetiver, lavender and spice with a hint of patchouli.    

Tyler Chambre Parfum allows you to freshen up any room and immediately fill it with your favorite Tyler scent.  Whether it is your living room, dorm room, or office, the Tyler Chambre Parfum will let you instantly experience the rich, aromatic Tyler fragrances. 

Candle Color: Celadon


Fragrance Collection:
Tyler Candle Company
Product Origin:
Made in the USA
These are by far the best of the best, scented candles. i have bought this particular scent, "original" by the case from my local vintage pharmacy in historic Auburn California...the store closed and that is why i am here on Tyler's website. i believe in giving a review...especially when a product is excellent. these candles are unmatched in quality....they are sought after gifts by all my friends!
Out of all of the tyler candle scents I've tried this one is the best !I've had so many complements on the original scent at home and at my work its very soothing & relaxing .My teenage boys & my husband even likes the original scent the best .I wish Tyler made the original scent in the Glamour Wash .
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