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Hippie Chick

Hippie Chick
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Hippie Chick

An exotic combination is created in this fragrance by combining vanilla bean with rich exotic patchouli! 

Try the Hippie Chick fragrance in Tyler's Mixer Melts.  Tyler Candle Company's Mixer Melts let you "burn" a fragrance in a mixer melter pot with no flame!   

Candle Color: Avocado


Tyler Candle Company
Product Origin:
Made in the USA
This is a gorgeous scent and very rich ! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make other products like the wash liquid and home items with this beautiful scent!!!!
Please make glamerous wash with this scent!
I need this in a laundry scent and an auto scent
Yes I love it too!
This is my favorite Tyler Candle scent. It's so unique and absolutely addictive. I won't be without!
I walked in to a little shop in Roach Port MO and smelled this and fell in love. Love Love Love this scent. After a burn it for an hour, I smell it for at least a day. These candles are AWESOME!!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE expand this fragrance line to the laundry items! I would just adore my bedding to smell like this!
LOVE this fragrance! Please offer it in the autoglams and laundry scents too.
my favorite
This scent is well balanced between the patchouli and vanilla. It draws you in with the sophisticated blend but does not overwhelm. The first fragrance I have ever considered as a personal signature scent.
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