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High Maintenance

High Maintenance

High Maintenance

High Maintenance is one of Tyler's most popular fragrances.  It is a floral, woody blend of patchouli and vanilla with a heavy musk undertone!!  

Candle Color: Khaki


Fragrance Collection:
Tyler Candle Company
Product Origin:
Made in the USA
I would give this candle 100 stars if I could. It has the most pleasant & soothing aroma I have ever experienced. The blend has just the right balance of fragrances that totally infuse my room with a lasting pleasant scent. I burn it at night while I'm reading in bed and snuff it out just before I fall asleep. The next day, the smell ofmy room still invites me in. The fragrance does not irritate my nasal passages or eyes. The wax blend is perfect as it burns clean & melts evenly.
Just discovered this scent today. Absolutely love it! And it doesn't make me hungry. :)
I received a High Maintenance candle as a gift and it was like this scent was made for me!!! This is literally the PERFECT home scent. I am obsessed with the smell and over the moon excited to learn that it comes in the melts too!!! Cheers to good friends and amazing products!!!!!
My sister and me love High Maintenance. ..
But we renamed it "HOT GUY", we've been using it for years!
Received this as a gift for Secretary day from our boss, used it today and the aroma is amazing, enrolled for future email listing , will be purchasing more of this detergent....THANKs for Something different
This is fabulous. I usually buy Warm Sugar Cookie and others associated with scents from cooking. High Maintenance is the first that doesn't smell like you can eat it. High Maintenance is high class and makes my house smell like a million flowers. Wonderful!!!!
Wow...I really love this scent. It's so adult and sophisticated. It reminds me of summer vacation.
This is my new home scent !! Absolute fave of all time!!
My favorite! Even husband approved! He did get to much of a kick out of the name of the fragrance. ;)
Today I was introduced to High Maintenance Scent and it is high class as far as I am concerned. I won't be without it.
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