Votive Set of 4 Candles
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French Vanilla Oak

French Vanilla Oak
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French Vanilla Oak

The French Vanilla Oak fragrance is a warm, sensual blend of creamy vanilla, soft amber, cedarwood, and sandalwood!

Mixer Melts Set of 4 are popular to use in the Mixer Melting Pots. Each reuseable container has 6 bricks. Mixer Melts are long lasting and the scent stays true.

Candle Color: Deepest Taupe


Tyler Candle Company
Product Origin:
Made in the USA
this fragrance burns so clean and fresh! This is my favorite fragrance from Tyler candles.
I have tried several Tyler candle scents, but this is my all time favorite. I have received a lot of compliments when guest smell this candle.
Great Nice Smell, not to heavy-very pleasant.
This has to be my all time favorite fragrance. I found this at a quilt shop in Van Alstyne, TX....OMG...delightful.
This was the best smelling fragrance I had ever smelt! I went into this little country store in LaVernia, Tx and was just in AWH! I bought all the candles of French Vanilla Oak she had in the store! I will continue to buy it as long as I can!
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