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French Market

French Market

French Market

Tyler Candle's French Market fragrance is a fresh combination of florals with hints of gardenia and tuberose. Very unique!!   

French Market is a great scent for gift giving. Tyler offers great gift sets! The Glamorous Hand Gift Set includes a full size Luxury Hand Lotion & Hand Soap packaged together in a decorative baroque gift box. Perfect for keeping your hands clean and soft!    

Candle Color: Cream


Fragrance Collection:
Fabulous Florals
Tyler Candle Company
Product Origin:
Made in the USA
Just found this little candle at the Ace Hardware Store in Laguna Beach. The scent, French Market, is the most appealing aroma EVER. I just got home from my trip and one of the first things I wanted to do is find Tyler Candles online so that I can order more. I have not even lit the candle yet and it is filling my room with its fragrance. LOVE it....
I always come here to buy my tyler candles. I recently bought some French market candles, spray, and laundry soap, my mom came down for a visit and I had bought her 4 room sprays, mixer melts, travel hand lotion, the dryer/vacuume sachets, and some laundry detergent. I don't think I have ever seen my mom so excited she was crying because it was mothers day and she asked "Is this for Mother's day? I replied no I made you a strawberry pie. My mom is the best mom and best friend I have ever had. she called her sister right away and my aunt then started texting me about the Diva candles so I went to Annie's where they sale Tyler stuff and got her a couple mixer melts, detergent, and room spray, keep in mind I didn't tell her I had my mom take it to her from me it was so cute how she acted on the phone. so this year for Christmas I have a cute basket that I am filling up with french market stuff for my mom and a basket for my aunt with Diva stuff. My Christmas shopping is done! Tyler Candles are the best candles ever made. I think the Tyler company should come out with the room spray that goes in the auto sprayer things by airwick. I will never buy any other scented oil, candles, and etc from anyone else but Tyler!
I absolutely adore this fragrance. It fills my home with such a warm and inviting "smell." Anyone who happens to visit ALWAYS comments on how pleasant our home is. Thank you Tyler candles.
I bought this candle yesterday in Galveston, Tx. on the Strand. We were outside on the street two stores down from the one that had the candle lit inside the store. I could smell it that far away and outside too!! I went inside and immediately asked what the fragrance was and bought the last large candle they had. I have it burning now and my whole house smells amazing! I can honestly say that is is one of the best and strongest smelling candles I have ever had. I am a HUGE candle person too.....I have a cabinet full of many different brands and this is the first Tyler candle I have purchased......will NOT be the last!! Can't wait to try others!! That is exactly why I am on the site right now, less than 24 hours after purchasing :)
I love this scent and the Mediterranean Fig. French Market is my favorite because I don't have to light the candle, the fragrance is so rich it fills the room and with the samplers I put one in each room and my entire apartment smells so fresh and clean. I get a lot of compliments from visitors that my place always smells so good. Thank you Tyler Candle Company!
This is my favorite candle scent of all time! I have been a fan of Tyler Candles for more than 10 years. They make the best, longest lasting scents of any candle maker.
I am so glad French market scent is back. I adore this scent.
i love this smell.
This scent is one of my favorite on the planet. It is clean, crisp and fresh!
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