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Fanimal Radiant Fragrance Warmer

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Fanimal Radiant Fragrance Warmer

Show off your unique style with the Fanimal Radiant Fragrance Warmers! Funtional and stylish, the warmers are fantastic to control the strength of fragrance. Add between 1-4 of your favorite mixer melt bricks to the tray on top of the warmer, plug in and let the long lasting bulb melt the bricks infusing your room with glamorous fragrance! Add more for a stronger fragrance or less for a nice light scent. 

Note: Mixer Melts are sold separately. 

Tyler Candle Company
Laura, I am not sure who you purchased your warmer from as I see no order from you in our system. This is easily fixable with the new higher wattage bulbs. Please contact us at our contact us page. http://www.tylercandlestore.com/contact-us.html
I called and complained about this warmer and got everything but another one to try, so I am guessing that they just dont work well. I cannot get mine to melt any wax... I use the bulbs incliuded.... I normally have great luck with Tyler products. This, however, was a disappointment.
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