Bougie Parfumee (Scented Candles)

Why can't you find the fragrance "bougie parfumée"?

Here at we get this question hundreds of times a month. We want every Tyler Candle customer to be able to find just what they're looking for, and knowing where to find the fragrance is important.  So lets clear up all the confusion, the words found on the lid "bougie parfumée" is not the fragrance of the candle, but is French for "Scented Candle".

You can find the name of the fragrance on the bottom label of the candle.  The name appears just above the bar code on the label, this is the only place the fragrance name appears on the jar candles.  If for some reason this label is damaged, it obviously becomes much more difficult to find the fragrance. Sometimes it is possible to narrow down the possibilities by color, but it is not perfect.

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