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24K - LIMITED SUPPLY - Product is being discontinued

A glamorous scent of rich currants and green undertones, the 24K fragrance is the true essence of Hollywood glam.

The 11 oz. Jar Candle fits into almost any size room and makes a great affordable gift.

Candle Color: Golden

Tyler Candle Company
Product Origin:
Made in the USA
So disappointing 24K has been discontinued!! I continue to check periodically to see if it has come back!! In Waiting...
24K, tried to purchase in June of 2019 and surprised that it was being made anymore. In my opinion, the best fragrance. Now I need a smell comparable to it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it- just an old saying.
Please, please bring this wonderful scent back....my home just doesn't smell the same. Great company and an awesome scent that should always be in your line up. Thanks for listening to me whine.
I absolutely love Tyler candles and 24K is my favorite why is it not available anymore? This makes me very sad.
Oh no, PLEASE bring back this fragrance! It's so unique and my favorite as well as the people I buy these candles for!
Please don't stop this one. I love it. where can I buy it?
I LOVE this scent! Very citrusy and fresh. Wonderful!
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